Cascade Gateway Custom Query Form

Use this form to download exactly the data you need in a CSV file. Note that larger queries may time out, so we recommend that if you are querying five- minute increment data, do not download more than a month of data at a time.

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1 Select a date range. (Default is today.)

2 Select date filters. (Default is 8am - 8pm for all days in range.)

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3 Select group-by options. (Default is all 5-minute periods.)

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6 Select specific detector(s).


7 Select data point(s).

Crossing Measures Min Max Avg Sum
Queue Length
Vehicles In Queue
Service Rate
Detector Measures Min Max Avg Sum
Vehicle Length
Booth Measures (Southbound passenger vehicles only) Min Max Avg Sum
Volume (Booth)
AB Vehicles
AK Vehicles
AZ Vehicles
BC Vehicles
CAN Other Vehicles
CA Vehicles
CO Vehicles
ID Vehicles
MT Vehicles
NV Vehicles
OR Vehicles
US Other Vehicles
UT Vehicles
WA Vehicles
WY Vehicles

8 Click button to export data as file.


This site collects and archives data from our regional partner agencies who provide real-time border delay information on their websites, linked below.

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